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Long before Nigeria’s Independence in 1960, many sons and daughters of Umudim-Nnewi had settled down in Lagos in search of greener pastures. The richest man in Nigeria then, Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu, served as both the biggest employer of Umudim Nnewi indigenes in Lagos as well as a beacon of protection and pride.

Seeing that they had a sizeable number, sons of Umudim started the Umudim-Nnewi Family Meeting, Lagos Branch in 1954. Ironically, there was no national body of the meeting then. But the meeting served to bring sons of Umudim Nnewi in Lagos under one roof. The meetings were then held at the office of Ojukwu Transport Limited at Sabo, Yaba in Lagos.

The meeting’s name was later changed to Umudim Nnewi Progressive Union, Lagos Branch. Finally, in 1988, the meeting’s name was changed to its current name: Umudim-Nnewi Development Association Lagos Branch. That same year, based on the efforts of the Lagos Branch Chairman, Chief Dennis N. Nnabuike, a national body, called, Umudim Nnewi Development Association, was formed, with trustees appointed.

UNDA Lagos Branch has been the power behind the national body and a pacesetter to other branches across the nation.  It has seen to it that the office of the Obi of Umudim is not brought to ridicule. As part of its support to that institution, it also built the current Obi Umudim-Nnewi palace also single-handed under the chairmanship of Sylvester Debe Ojukwu Esq. Chief Sylvester Ojukwu also made available Nnewi Building Apapa as meeting venue, which helped to boost the growth of the Association. His chairmanship also gave the Association new impetus and raised the standard of the UNDA Lagos.